How Your Workplace Performs: Engaging Talent

Workplace issue #3: Engaging Talent

Attract, Develop, and Engage Great Talent

Successful businesses today need a place where people really want to work. Without that, they will struggle to draw and keep their top talent. So, what makes an office engaging? Skype surveyed users and decision makers in the U.S. to measure how companies are using workspace and technology to engage with highly sought-after tech pros:

  • 62% of firms say about a third of their employees spend 40% of their time working remotely
  • Decision makers say flexible and remote work options help them attract the best talent and keep them on staff
  • The top three factors determining job satisfaction are salary (identified by 55% of respondents), the quality of the work environment (37%), and flexibility to work outside the office or at home (33%)
The chart below shows the rest of the survey results.

5-factors-determining-job-satisfaction.pngIt's not surprising that salary is important to job satisfaction, but a well-designed workplace can meet the next two criteria: Quality of Work Environment and Flexibility to work outside the office or at home. Top organizations are making themselves attractive to the kind of workers they need to be successful in a competitive talent market. This FastCompany article points to a trend of office engironments being an employee incentive. 

As agile, flexible working becomes the norm, workplaces will become more of a luxury or reward, says Ken Raisbeck, EMEA head of occupier advisory at CBRE, Ltd. in London, a leading commercial real estate services firm. "The reason people go into the office is changing somewhat. They’re being more collaborative," he says. Offices will do more to provide convenience to workers to allow them to focus on their work.

Today's workplace should support the different ways people work with choices of workspace styles and flexible furniture. This starts with understanding how workers perform daily tasks and their workflows. This is something we help customers identify through consultation and/or survey tools. If you'd like to talk with an expert, contact us here.

This article contains information from Steelcase's paper on the Interconnected Workplace. You can read the entire research paper by clicking here or on the image below:


About the Workplace Performance series (see links to the whole series below):

Performance reviews are an expectation for today's workers. It's common for employees to meet with a supervisor and review pre-set goals, results and feedback regarding performance on at least an annual basis. This is good for keeping your people accountable, but there's another performer in your office that may be flying under the radar... your workplace. Do you know how well (or how poorly) your work environment is performing for you? Most managers wouldn't hire an employee without setting expectations for their performance, but very few set goals for their new workspace. The likely reason is they don't know what goals to set or how to measure them. Today, we're going to share one of these secrets with you below.


Based on research by Steelcase, the leading manufacturer of furniture for offices, hospitals, and classrooms, there are five common issues in the workplace that can be addressed by the design of your space. 

  1. Real Estate Optimization
  2. Enhancing Collaboration
  3. Attracting, Developing and Engaging Talent
  4. Building the Company Brand
  5. Improving Wellbeing

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